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Rockall is a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As small as 25 by 30 metres, in the rougher parts of the ocean. It’s uninhabitable for humans and if it wasn’t for its surrounding natural resources, noone would care about this top of a died out volcano. There have been unapproved claims (the UN Law of the Seas states that noone can claim land that is not permanently habitable) from the UK, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland and even Greenpeace.

But what if we would make it a habitable and liveable place? Since nobody owns the land, we could start imagining a new country, a new system and rethink the way we live our lives. With technologies improving and global challenges upon us, it’s at least a good idea to discuss and investigate these matters.

This is what the Traveling Embassy of Rockall does. Showcasing how life on Rockall could be. Rockall will strike down in Reykjavik, Iceland this summer. In the months of July, August and September a pavilion will rise where a serie of exhibitions, talks and performances will be hosted.

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