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This festival brings you to places where you have never been, never thought of going or this place you always pass by, but never know what happens behind the door. During an evening a guide takes groups of 25 people to these places and the visitors are surprised by music of different genres, theatre, comedy or any other art form you can think of. Every edition is at a different neighbourhood and visitors don’t know beforehand where they’ll go, or what acts they will enjoy. Since 2010 there’s been several Wijsjes in Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft.

Bas van den Berg
T: +31611261998

Rotterdam Coworking Unit
Vierhavensstraat 56
Bas van den Berg
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Reykjavik Coworking Unit
Fiskislóð 79,
101 Reykjavík.
René Boonekamp
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3000 AE Rotterdam
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